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Sailor faces charges for submarine photos on cell phone

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Sailor faces charges for submarine photos on cell phone

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    The australian competition and consumer commission has also received one report on the issue so far.

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    Your files private, but it would force those who would like attended a few years ago and i wanted to share it with you. Probably few commentators accept his version of what he handed over. If his claim that the KGB showed no desire for current or future keys is accurate, it puts an interesting light on Soviet gains from his espionage.


    Walker nevertheless provided a huge array of other secret Navy and U. These included operational orders, war plans, technical manuals, and intelligence digests. At Norfolk, he used his status as an armed forces courier to smuggle documents from headquarters to his bachelor officer quarters BOQ room, where he photographed them. There was such a stream of papers he had to be selective. Walker estimated that photographing just 20 of the hundreds of messages that crossed his desk during a watch would have required more than rolls of film over six months, yet initially everything he left at a dead drop needed to fit inside a single soda can.


    Later, while on training duty at San Diego, Walker had less access to top secret documents and had to rely on a classified library. Smuggling out material meant getting it past multiple checkpoints staffed by Marine guards. He also forged the papers required to show renewal of his security clearance. This spy enjoyed amazingly good fortune. Barbara Walker had suspected her husband of sexual adventures — true, as it happened — and looked through his things. Family financial problems that had seemed insuperable were suddenly solved.

    Walker pointed to his moonlighting as the source of his money, but Barbara remained unconvinced. And then, within a year of her husband becoming a spy, she found a grocery bag in which Walker had secreted a pile of classified documents. Confronted with the discovery, he admitted to his espionage and took Barbara along to one of his dead drops in a dubious attempt to involve her in his crime. From the beginning, the KGB had warned Walker never to reveal anything to his wife or other family members. One drop required a flight from Vietnam to the United States, a brief cover visit home, and then rejoining his ship in Hong Kong.

    When Walker returned to Norfolk to work at Amphibious Force Atlantic headquarters in the summer of , the problems were ameliorated, but the transfer conflicted with his desire to remain afloat and away from Barbara.

    Worst KGB Spies of the Cold War The Walker Spy Ring

    He believed that he could then work more effectively as a network manager, delivering to the Soviets information gathered by others. By the time he separated from the service, Walker had already begun dabbling in private investigating. Later, he took a job at Wackenhut and then opened his own firm. He also divorced Barbara, but not before again bringing her along to one of his drop sites. Building the Ring. He then volunteered for a billet at Diego Garcia, a previous duty station.


    Whitworth was active by the summer of , when Walker put in for retirement. Possibly the best resulted from his tour on board the Niagara Falls in the same post Walker once held. There, however, he found that clandestinely photographing documents was harder. Walker bought a van, for which the Soviets reimbursed him, in which Whitworth could do his camerawork while it sat in a parking lot near work. With Walker free to travel after his retirement and Whitworth delivering the goods, the spymaster offered the Soviets more frequent intelligence deliveries.

    Again the KGB specifically refused, although it invited Walker to a face-to-face meeting in Casablanca in the summer of during which his Soviet contact denounced his recruitment of a new agent. Walker agreed to annual clandestine meetings in Vienna and not to bring in any more agents. He later claimed that during one of the sidewalk encounters in the Austrian capital he was secreted away and debriefed by a group of men who included KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov. He not only became skittish but also pecuniary, deliberately ruining a batch of his photographs in an attempt to get the KGB to pay twice.

    Whitworth carried off a foot-high stack of documents from his last post on board the Enterprise CVN with the intent to continue delivering his stream of classified information after leaving the Navy, which he did in October Though older crypto setups predominated, the take included data on the newest U. In he had attempted but failed to draw in his youngest daughter, Laura Walker Snyder, who was then in the Army but pregnant and planning to leave the service.

    Michael copied more than 1, documents for the KGB, including material on weapon systems, nuclear weapons control, command procedures, hostile identification and stealth methods, and contingency target lists. Owing money to the spymaster, Arthur L. He produced repair records on certain warships plus damage-control manuals for another. A most troubling aspect of the Walker affair is how it could have gone on for 18 years without authorities uncovering the leak. There is no indication that counterintelligence was even aware of, much less moving to combat, the Walker network.

    Whitworth, however, could not bring himself to follow through, and the FBI special agents involved were unable to track him down.

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